7 Environmentally Friendly Pool Renovation Options in 2023

There is one true spot that everyone equally enjoys during the summer is the pool. And while enjoying that crystal-clear water is wonderful, bringing it to that condition is not always easy. Regular pool restoration and maintenance requires actions and chemicals that are not always completely sustainable. However, several steps can be easily taken to make the pool “greener” (in function and upkeep, that is) and follow an eco-friendlier approach.

1.   Switch to Eco-Friendly LED Lighting

Switch to Eco-Friendly LED Lighting

When it comes to swimming in the evening hours, every light source is appreciated. And instead of making your pool completely glowing, which will bring on high electric bills, go for pool remodeling and install LED lights. With a variety of colors to choose from, LED will be the perfect new addition to what your pool needs. They can be automated, allowing you to control them with a remote control. LED lights are also low maintenance, plus energy efficient and long-lasting, so staying outside later or having an evening pool party will never be an issue. 

2.   Protect your pool from the sun with a pool cover

Protect your pool from the sun with a pool cover

When it comes to pool renovation in hot regions, installing a pool cover might be one of the most important. If you leave the pool uncovered, the water constantly evaporates. Covering the pool tightly, when not in use, will reduce how often the pool water is changed, saving additional water quantities. Rarely do people use their pool daily, so putting the cover back after the swimming session will go a long way. In the off-season, the benefits extend further than just saved water and energy. It also prevents leaves, garbage, or even wildlife from falling into the pool.

3.   Conduct Routine Leaks Checks

Conduct Routine Leaks Checks

No matter if you are doing a pool restoration or remodeling, regular maintenance will always come into play. If you are all about reducing the environmental impact while saving some money, make sure your pool system is maintained by its contractor’s recommendations. If something breaks, fix it. If there is a clog or dirt, clean it. If there is an unfortunate leak, close it. Every chemical used while repairing the plumbing or water filtration is expensive and environmentally harmful. So, keeping the pool in tip-top shape will do more for the environment and your wallet.

4.   Get the Right Pump for Your Pool

Get the Right Pump for Your Pool

Reaching energy efficiency follows an easy formula. Proper equipment would require less energy, which would impose less harm to the environment. When it comes to pools, pumps are the energy vampires. Change your single-speed pump to a variable or multi-speed one, and you will cut the energy bill by up to 80% annually. When you adjust your pump based on how often you use the pool, you will no longer be surrounded by pump noise and high energy bills. Plus, the extended benefit here is that your pipes and equipment will experience less wear and tear. Furthermore, the multi-speed pumps on low levels can improve filtration, therefore reducing the need for chemicals for cleaning purposes.

As with everything, there are some cons as well. Variable or multi-speed pumps are more expensive compared to single-speed ones, plus based on the brand, they might not have a long lifespan.

5.   Clean It Efficiently

Clean It Efficiently

The cleaner your pool is, the fewer chemicals are  needed. Check the chlorine level regularly so you can avoid chlorine shocks. If you can, substitute sand filters with cartridge filters, or even with a natural one. Plus, a solar-charging robot can be a great benefit for thorough cleaning. Many areas might be harder to reach, and these robots can be just the perfect friend for that.

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6. Select Equipment with Great Efficiency Ratings

This is once again connected to the water pump. The importance of the pump as a big energy consumer cannot be emphasized enough. Forget single-speed pumps and go for something that will work in the long run. You will have an efficient pool with a variable-speed pump that will save you money in the long term.

7.   Install a Solar-Powered Pool Heater

Install a Solar-Powered Pool Heater

Solar heaters are another tool in your arsenal that will make your pool eco-friendly and energy efficient. Plus, you will enjoy it for years to come. Solar heaters will be your heating friend during the day and a step further, solar covers will maintain that same temperature overnight.


No matter which step you decide to take, your pool will be greatly improved from before. From pool renovation to pool remodeling, you’ll need the team performing these tasks. Pool Renovation NJ are well-trained professionals that will facelift your backyard and bring your pool to a new level. They will guide you every step of the way during your pool renovation. Plus, with the latest technology at hand, your home will get any feature that you desire.

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