Top 5 Amazing Benefits of Pool Renovation

Does your backyard spaces need a facelift—particularly the pool, patio, and pavers? If you are thinking of contacting a contractor for a pool renovation plan and quote, then consider these 5 awesome benefits of restoring this area, especially if you enjoy cookouts and entertaining or just having a comfortable spot to hang out with your family. These advantages range from energy use and safety to upgrading to where you increase the value of your property.

Increased Energy Efficiency

If the date of your pool’s installation dates back to even just a few years ago, you might need updated equipment. Although your pool’s water may still be clean and getting thoroughly filtered, you are likely using too much electricity. In fact, your pump could be running more often than it should but not effectively clearing out any impurities. If this is the case, your pool renovation needs to include a more efficient filtration system.

Likewise, if your lighting system no longer adds to the aesthetic of your pool or just does not work well, then you may need a newly rewired system with better fixtures. Getting a new filtration system and even new lighting, complete with LED bulbs, will save on your energy bills for years to come.

Increased Safety Features

Whether your family consists of little ones or seniors along with every age in between, you need to consider additional safety features as part of your pool restoration. For example, attractive fencing around the pool keeps toddlers from wandering. Additionally, installing stairs or seats helps to improve the look. Safety nets and safety covers also present excellent options for preventing accidents and keeping everyone safe.

Moreover, a new, more efficient filtration system keeps your pool water from getting contaminated by algae and dirt which also enhances the safety of your swimming area. 

Prevent Costly Issues from Occurring

A complete pool restoration or renovation may sound expensive, but this option saves you more money in the long run. For example, aging equipment causes clogs, staining, and other issues, thus resulting in numerous plumbing repairs and additional cleaning beyond regular maintenance. Even after an insurance claim is initiated, a lack of safety features may result in a lawsuit or a ton of out-of-pocket costs. This kind of renovation will also increase the lifespan of your outside aquatic area.

Fulfill Your Current Swimming Pool Requirements

Planning a pool renovation also allows you to plan for features that enhance your outdoor entertainment space. In addition to the basic upkeep, you can add in-pool seating, a new patio and pavers, and a slide or fountain. While working closely with a contractor, you can plan the budget for the pool area that you and your family have always wanted. 

Increase the Value of Your Home

Plus, outdoor improvements, especially a pool renovation or restoration could boost the value of your home. So, upgrading your patio and pavers, along with an outdoor cooking area would add to the aesthetic of your backyard. However, adding special features to your pool, such as seating and lighting, would take your entertainment space to a new level. And that usually results in a higher profit once you decide to sell your home.  A pool renovation goes beyond a do-it-yourself project. That is why we offer prompt and attentive service because completing your project according to your specs is our prime goal. So, contact us at Pool Renovation NJ. We will walk you through the renovation process from the “drawing board” to completion.

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